Types of vapers

ELiquid Depot says different people have different reason to quit smoking or start vaping and classifying them based on their logic makes sense to develop the product as per their liking. It also becomes easy to recommend vape juices who have just joined the space and searching for themselves.

The ELiquid Depot online vape store has defined four types of vapers.  Vaping has many advantages over tobacco cigarettes, and people use it for a plethora of reasons.   Chances are, you fit into one of the four below categories of vapor smokers.  Whatever your category is, we can help you find a vape device that helps fit into your life’s desires.

Types of vape Smokers:  Which type are you?

1.  The vapor cigarette smoker who is looking for an alternative so they can essentially move on and quit smoking tobacco cigarettes.

The goal of this category of vapor is to entirely quit smoking tobacco products.  While vaping companies are not making any claims of helping accomplish this goal, many people have left testimonials claiming to do so.

2.  The social smoker who usually “bums” a cigarette from others and smokes in social situations or when they are “out and about” with people who smoke tobacco cigarettes.  Usually when the people they are with smoke tobacco cigarettes switch to vaping, it’s not as convenient to “bum” the vaping.  Rather, it is easier to have your own battery and cartridge selection so you can smoke a vapor cigarette and not have to bother anyone.

The great thing vapes lends to the smoking niche is that they offer so many flavor options.  This allows the social smoker to take part in the vaping scene.  Most social smokers are fans of cigars or clove cigarettes and do not really have any loyalty to tobacco cigarettes.

3.  The smoker who is looking to kick the tobacco routine completely.  The goal here is to start with vape juice with a  nicotine level that is comparable to the nicotine level they were accustomed to with tobacco products, and then move down several levels and eventually smoke a zero nicotine cartridge and be both nicotine and tobacco free.

These type 3 vapors are trying to wean off the nicotine, little by little.   The oral fixation is still there, but the goal is to satisfy this craving with a zero-nicotine e-cigarette, in due time. They would be more appropriate to make their own mix of vape juice after couple of months of using premixed use of vape juice from ELiquid Depot.

4.  The smoker who is looking for something to smoke in addition to tobacco products.  The vape juice is a perfect accomplice that can deliver nicotine through the vaporized cartridge anywhere, any time.  This is the perfect product for someone who is an office person with limited “smoke breaks,” as vaping can be used at the comfort of one’s desk of workstation.

This type of person loves to smoke.  They will smoke any time, any place, whenever given the opportunity.  Vaping is a great tool to help people satisfy a craving when they need it most.

Where do you fit in?